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With up to 50% off first-class flights and other luxury methods of transport, you can finally enjoy peace of mind and get the travel you deserve!

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From yachts to private jets, or if you just need a car rental, WorldClub has you covered. Your dedicated concierge assistant can help book your rental so you don’t have waste any time at the airport!

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We can source and book your luxury vacations and get you the best pricing up to 40% less than standard rates from Expedia, Booking.com, and Hotels.com!

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Our VIP dining services ca book and schedule your perfect dining experience from classy restaurants to your own personal chef!

Relax and Enjoy Life

Gain access to the best spas and treatment centers. From beauty treatments to plastic surgery or dentistry, we can reserve the best professionals for you!

Personal Shopping Assistant

We can help do your shopping for you, pick out your outfit, or find the perfect designer fashion for you. Your time is important and so are your looks, let our VIP concierge services help you out!

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